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The Private Practice Section (PPS) is comprised of nearly 4,200 physical therapists nationwide who own, operate, or work in a private practice setting. We are a component of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and our mission is to "Champion the success of the physical therapist in business." Our vision is that "Society demands access to physical therapists' businesses." PPS members benefit from the Section's focus on advocacy; payment policy; education on practice management, business, marketing, public relations, and business innovation. The Private Practice Section, APTA was incorporated in Nevada in 1956 as a non-profit 501(c)6 and is now headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.


The mission of the Private Practice Section is to Champion the success of the physical therapist in business.


A vision is a description of what the organization wants to be or achieve in the future as it successfully fulfills its mission. It captures the aspirations of the association for itself, its profession and its members. PPS’ vision is:

Society demands access to physical therapists’ business


PPS governance is carried out by an elected Board of Directors who meet regularly to ensure that the section's strategic plan, initiatives, and mission are realized. An Annual report containing membership data, financials, activities, and accomplishments is published each fall.

Approved Section Bylaws  | 2015-2018 Strategic Plan  |  2017 PPS Annual Report

Private Practice Section, APTA

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors collaborates with staff and a legion of volunteer committees to execute the strategic plan and serve PPS members.

Sandra Norby PT, DPT

Sandra Norby, PT, DPT


Angela Wilson Pennisi PT, MS

Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS

Vice President

Amy Snyder MPT, DPT

Amy Snyder, MPT, DPT


Jeff Ostrowski PT

Jeff Ostrowski, PT