Nominations are now being accepted for the following positions:

Treasurer -1 Vacancy
Secretary -1 Vacancy
Director -2 Vacancies
Nominating Committee -1 Vacancy

The PPS Nominating Committee is seeking nominees for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.  If you are interested in running for a position or would like to nominate a colleague, please complete the nomination form.   

Roles and Responsibilities
Nominating Committee

Eligibility Requirements
Physical Therapist who has been a Section member for a minimum of two (2) years immediately preceding the election.  (ARTICLE VII. BOARD OF DIRECTORS; Section 2, Qualifications).

How to Submit a Nomination
To indicate your own interest in running or nominate a colleague, please submit this form. You may nominate as many people as you like. Please submit one nomination per candidate. The deadline for nomination forms is April 5, 2021.

Submitting a nomination form does not guarantee that an individual will be included on the slate of candidates.  The Nominating Committee will review all nominations received and determine the final slate of candidates that will be presented to the membership.


Nomination Form


Nominating Committee

Stephanie Weyrauch PT, DPT

Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT


Carrie Hall PT, MHS

Carrie Hall, PT, MHS

Stephen Rapposelli PT, DPT

Stephen Rapposelli, PT, DPT