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158 Members of the House of Representatives wrote to CMS stating their disapproval of cuts to Medicare reimbursement for specialists such as physical therapists.  Another sign-on letter is being circulated that would put pressure on Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy to include a fix to the Medicare cuts in legislation that is passed before the end of the year. 

While you have already written to your legislator about this issue, this is a new request and it is important that they hear from you again.  Use this template to ask your Representatives to sign the letter to Congressional Leaders pressuring them to act to protect physical therapy from a 9% cut in Medicare reimbursement.

Remember your legislators need to hear directly from you—their Key Contact—multiple times about the stark economic landscape you are experiencing and the impact a 9% cut would have on your business.

While this effort is focused on the House, the Senate doesn’t get a pass.  If you are on social media, tweet or create facebook post tagging your legislator and both your Senators and using #PPSAdvocacy.  Template tweet: “Congress must act to stop the 9% cut so I can keep my doors open, continue providing cost effective physical therapy, and maintain a vibrant small business in our community.  [@Represenative/Senator twitter handle] #PPSAdvocacy”


New to engaging with your lawmaker or need a refresher?  Check out these tips for advocacy. For information on PPS’s legislative priorities and activities, visit the Advocacy section at

Thank you.  Your efforts can make a difference!


Subject line: My patients need physical therapy.  Please pass legislation to stop the 9% cut so I can stay in business.

Dear Representative ____________,

My name is ____________ and I am a physical therapist and member of the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Along with the ____ therapists can support staff I employ in your district, my outpatient clinic is a vital small business and an important part of the [town/county name] economy for ___ years. Our community-based physical therapy clinic has been providing patients with access to safe, cost-effective care throughout the public health emergency. However, our clinic is facing economic challenges and struggling to keep our doors open.

Despite strong and unequivocal pushback by stakeholders, providers, patients, and Members of Congress since August 2019, in the 2021 MPFS proposed rule CMS proceeded to move forward with plans for an E&M code payment boost ranging between 1% and 17%, paired with a cut of 9% for physical therapy.  Over 35 types of healthcare providers are projected to receive cuts ranging from -1% to -11%.  These cuts are to go into effect on January 1, 2021. 

Representatives Bera and Bucshon are leading a bipartisan sign-on letter which asks Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to commit to passing legislation before the end of the year which would prevent these looming Medicare payment cuts.

If Congress doesn’t act to prevent CMS from cutting physical therapy reimbursement by 9%, many community-based outpatient physical therapy clinics, who are barely hanging on through the joint impact of the public health emergency and economic crisis, will go out of business.  We need your help so that our physical therapy clinic can keep its doors open—to not only serve our patients but also to provide good jobs in our town. 

Please contact Colleen Nguyen in Rep. Bera’s office or Dylan Moore in Rep. Bucshon’s office to sign on to the letter. 

Thank you,

[Name, credentials]

Member, Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association

[Practice Name]

[Practice Address]

[Practice phone number]

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