It is unknown when or if limitations prohibiting the use of telehealth to provide physical therapy care will be lifted, but advocacy can change that.  You can help us formulate an ever-stronger argument in support of physical therapists using telehealth by sharing information with PPS.

Here are three ways you can make a difference:

  1. Keep track of the number of cancelled appointments and patient volume compared with this time last year. Your PPS Lobbyist, Alpha Lillstrom Cheng, will then share those impact statements with Members of Congress as we continue our advocacy for passage of telehealth legislation that will include PT reimbursement for care provided via telehealth. Be prepared to share that information with PPS at the end of March.
  2. Share information about any private payers who are reimbursing for care provided via telehealth with the PPS.  Send names of payers as well as any information regarding policies or codes (including site of service codes or modifiers) used to
  3. Send examples of how and when you could be using telehealth to care for your Medicare beneficiaries during this public health emergency to  Include examples of patients who would be well cared for via telehealth as well as those whose outcomes will likely be affected as a result of delayed access to care.

Thank you for your assistance in our advocacy efforts during this very trying time. 

For further information and resources that may be useful as you and your practice manage the impact of COVID-19, check out the PPS website:

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