We know you are worried about how COVID-19 will impact your businesses, adjusting to providing care via telehealth, or bridging the gap of reduced patient volume.  You can help us formulate stronger arguments in support of private practice PTs, your small businesses, and the methods through which you can provide quality care by sharing your stories with PPS.

Here are four ways you can make a difference through completing our COVID-19 Survey:

  1. Give examples of how and when you are using telehealth to care for your Medicare beneficiaries during this public health emergency.  Provide us stories about patients whose outcomes are improved because they are now able to receive care via telehealth.  Be sure to include details to paint a vivid picture of the value of access to care for that patient (i.e. mobility concerns, fall-risk mitigation, comorbidities, etc.).

  2. PPS and APTA have asked CMS to waive the Plan of Care signature requirement and to allow for general supervision of PTAs during the public health emergency declaration.  If you have experiences with either of those issues that you’d like to share, please provide them.

  3. Share with PPS whether you utilized any of the loan or grant opportunities (such as PPP or EIDL) provided by COVID-19 legislation.  Send stories of success as well as frustrations so that we can inform Congress about how those programs were or were not useful to small business owners who were also health care providers.

  4. If you have any suggestions for legislation or regulatory relief to ask Congress for during this public health crisis, please share them.

Please visit our COVID-19 Survey to use your personal experience to make a difference.  Thank you for your assistance in our advocacy efforts during this challenging time. 

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