Many private and public payers have shifted their payment policies to encourage patient access to physical therapists via telehealth. While many of these shifts have been welcome news, it is imperative that these policies be continued to address patient needs during and after the pandemic.

PPS has created a suite of resources for you to advocate with payers to extend these payment policies. Please feel free to use these resources in your advocacy.

  • Survey Results one-pager - This document lists reviews of the patient experience with physical therapists using telehealth for their care.
  • Resource Introduction Video - Please click here for a 10 minute video introducing the issue and PPS resources available to help you in your advocacy with insurers.
  • Talking Points - This document lays out arguments that you may consider in your negotiations with insurers to encourage them to extend telehealth payment structures.
  • One-page "Leave Behind." - This resource is designed to be emailed or printed and physically handed to insurers during face to face negotiations on extending PT telehealth policies.
  • Annotated Bibliography - This document is intended to be shared with insurers. It provides the best evidence analyzing the impact and effectiveness of PT provided via telehealth.
  • Infographic - This document is designed to be emailed or shared via social media for visual learners. [PDF Download] [JPG Download]
  • Powerpoint - This file is meant for PPS members to use in any presentations you may have on this issue.
  • APTA letter for PTs → payers - This draft letter is meant for PPS members to send to insurers to advocate for continuing telehealth policies.Need the link so you can send it to your colleagues?
  • APTA letter for patients → HR departments or insurers - This draft letter is meant for your patients to send to their HR departments or directly to their insurers to advocate for continuing telehealth policies. Want to send your patients a link to the letter?