US Physical Therapy, Inc.

USPh offers a unique partnership model: one where you retain significant equity, keep the identity of your practice, and continue to make decisions in an ownership role. Continue to enjoy your autonomy while leveraging USPh’s financial resources and expertise to help you expand your local market presence. USPh pays a multiple of your earnings for its initial interest, and you are guaranteed a back end buyout at the same multiple for your residual equity when you are ready to exit the business. Some companies want to buy you out, demote you to an “employee”, and run the business as they see fit. In contrast, USPh wants to become your partner, and as a partner we want you to continue in your ownership and leadership position. Together, we can expand the culture and legacy that you have created, using a structure that provides you with financial security and access to a vast array of resources and expertise. Since USPh is not owned by a private equity firm which intends to sell the business in the short-term, your partnership with USPh will live on indefinitely. Financial stability and long-term focus differentiate USPh from most of the larger companies in the rehabilitation marketplace.

  • Nov 23 , 2020
  • PT Center Development/Partnership- Existing Practices