A Competitive Difference

Juvent’s Micro-Impact Platform Makes your practice better than the rest. Clinics are using Juvent with 80% of their patients and are attracting new referrals and treating new conditions. It’s been a valuable addition to the bottom-line; many owners are making over $1,800/month in additional revenue with an equipment cost of less than $225 per month.

Juvent makes your Practice more Profitable by Adding

More Referrals& Expanded Indications - Once providers are aware you have a new technology that can further improve treatment success with their Bone Health, Lymphedema, Balance Issues, Joint and Back Pain, Orthopedic Surgical Recovery, Stable Fracture Healing, Distal Neuropathy, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and Constipation; they will direct these tough to treat patients to your practice.

Cash Pay – Membership Revenue - Many patients will want to continue Juvent treatments.

Unit Sales - Your Patients also have the option to purchase a Juvent from you. Earning your practice up to $800 per unit.

Billing - Clinicians report using their Juvent for Therapeutic Exercise & Neuromuscular Re-Education for billing purposes.

  • Dec 3 , 2020
  • Rehab Therapy Products and Tools