RangeMaster Shoulder Therapy

RangeMaster Shoulder Therapy, formerly known as Therapeutic Dimensions Inc, was developed in Spokane, Washington in the 90s by a local Physical Therapist who saw a need in the medical community for better tools to help patients in recovery.

Our goal at RangeMaster is to deploy and scale a reliable, medical-evidence-based global solution to shoulder pain without the use of opioids, injections or surgery, that has been clinically proven to resolve 75-80 percent of specific shoulder problems. We help your shoulder even after surgery too.

At RangeMaster we truly believe in the products we create. As a small business, we hold ourselves to high standards and constantly push ourselves to invent and develop products to meet therapists and clients needs to heal. We love to get people back to the activities they love and enjoy in life. We are here every step of the way in your shoulder recovery-regaining range of motion, stretching, and strengthening.

  • Dec 8 , 2020
  • Rehab Therapy Products and Tools

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