I know you. Well, at least 80% of you. You are a great physical therapist, maybe even the best in your area. You are passionate about quality care and you love the business side of physical therapy. Yet you are challenged by marketing. In fact, you hate selling. You believe that physical therapy is not something to be “sold,” it is something that is needed.

While I, too, feel uncomfortable when stepping foot onto a used car lot, the concept of “sales” and “selling” is one that we cannot shy away from in physical therapy. It is a requirement for our survival.

Believe it or not, sales is something that can—and should—be delivered naturally, sincerely, and with authenticity.

Within physical therapy, this is best achieved through a five-step process, parts of which you are likely already doing today. Infuse a little strategy and polish into the process, and you will be well on your way toward sales efforts that work and that you will begin to love.


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