Mel Robbins

Award-winning CNN analyst The 5 Second Rule - Achieve Break-Through Performance In Your Career & Life

Is there a secret weapon to instantly transform into your most powerful and productive self? What if you could spot opportunity in every moment and have the courage and the discipline to trust your instincts, take action without hesitation, and share your ideas with conviction? With research-backed tools that guarantee results, TEDx sensation Mel Robbins, will take you on a journey that will change your business forever.

Mel Robbins is a best-selling author of the book The 5 Second Rule. She is trusted by global brands to design and deliver business expanding, life-changing, and interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth. She is an award-winning CNN On-Air Commentator and Op-Ed writer, a Contributing Editor to SUCCESS Magazine, and a best-selling author. Robbin's popular TEDx talk, "How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over," has almost 8 million views and is a Dr. Oz Healthline expert. She started her career as a criminal defense attorney in New York City, then launched and sold several companies, and hosted TV and radio programs for A&E, FOX, Cox Media, and CNN.