Chris McChesney

Best-Selling Co-Author of #1 National Best Seller: The Four Disciplines of Execution

How do you find the power to execute your most important goals in the face of competing priorities and distractions?

Chris McChesney joins us at PPS to introduce The Four Disciplines of Execution - 4DX methodology - a system that has been a driving force for change in Fortune 500 companies around the globe for more than a decade. McChesney's engaging message is designed to help you narrow your focus and lay the groundwork required to accomplish your most important goals.

In addition to his consultant work on the Four Disciplines of Execution, McChesney was the Publicist for Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and he is currently the Co-managing Director of Franklin Covey's Southeast Region. Through a successful career of continuous growth, he has maintained a single focus: to help organizations get results through improved execution.