August 2018

 August 8, 2018 2:00 PM    to    3:30 PM

Presenter: Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA


It’s the same story for all of us. Fill your business with clients. Then try your best to serve them. Rinse, and repeat. And it works a good portion of the time. But what would our lives be like if we could serve happy, loyal, passionate clients ALL of the time?! It would be a game changer, not just in our businesses, but also in our personal lives (just think of all those restless nights we could avoid!). In this webinar, Tannus Quatre PT, MBA will draw from his experience working with, and learning from hundreds of private practice owners who have all been searching for "the perfect PT patient." Drawing from this experience, Tannus has boiled down the pursuit of the perfect patient into a basic, easy-to-understand, and easier-to-implement path which includes just 3 steps: Attract, Sell, and Retain.

  • Step 1: Attract the right clients to begin with. Tannus will show you how to do this by leveraging a desirable brand in your market, and then creating a magnet which draws your community close by sharing value before your clients even step foot inside your clinic.
  • Step 2: Know how to sell. It’s not as scary as you think – in fact, if you want to help create the healthiest community in America, then you’re going to have to sell your way there. Tannus will help shift the paradigm around "sales" from one of fear, to one of enjoyment and success by leveraging the natural strengths inherent to PTs.
  • Step 3: Retain those which are the best fit. It hurts to admit it, but not EVERY person on the planet is going to be the best fit for you. Tannus will cover how to help you retain those you can grow around (and grow with) by obsessively delivering on expectations and then empowering your clients to become raving marketing instruments who will help build your business' future.

In this 60 minute webinar, Tannus will cover strategies you just can’t afford to miss if you’re pursuing the perfect book of business for your clinic.


Login instructions will be provided via email the day of the webinar. If you are unable to make it to the live presentation, the webinar will be recorded and you will have access to the recording within 5 business days.

September 2018

 September 12, 2018 2:00 PM    to    3:30 PM

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