Peer2Peer Application

Deadline: February 19, 2024

The application for the class of 2024 is now open. The application review process will begin in February 2024.

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If you applied for the class of 2023, and are awaiting information, please contact Kat Castillo, kcastillo@ppsapta.org.


Peer2Peer NetWorks is based on the "mastermind" principle. Private practice owners of similar, non-competitive practices come together in small groups (5-8 physical therapists) to share best practices, discuss "hot topics", establish key metric benchmarks, analyze operations, build life-long friendships, and work toward helping each other improve the bottom line.  

The mission of the APTA Private Practice of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is to "champion the success of the physical therapist in business." Networking has long been identified by members as a key benefit of APTA Private Practice membership that helps them build more successful practices. Peer2Peer NetWorks take networking to the next level through structured meetings that focus on each member's individual success. Members will help each other to be accountable, functioning much like a corporate board. 


Peer2Peer NetWork membership will be available to APTA Private Practice members who are the top executive in their Practice, and who have been in business at least one full year. (Membership is restricted to PT/PTA members only.) Each NetWork will be made up of 5-8 practice executives. Each NetWork will elect a Chair annually. Chairs will work closely with the Facilitator to develop an agenda and prepare their NetWork for all meetings. Applicant MUST be a APTA Private Practice member. Not a member? Join here!

Peer2Peer Membership Directory

To access the Peer2Peer Membership Directory, email info@ppsapta.org

Meet the Facilitator

Mike Horsfield is President and CEO of Rock Valley Physical Therapy, a Private Practice with 60+ locations in Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. Mike received his MPT and his MBA from the University of Iowa. He is an adjunct faculty member in the DPT Programs at St. Ambrose University and the University of Iowa. Mike has served on numerous APTA Private Practice committees, co-founded Peer2Peer Networks, started the KPI Benchmarking Initiative, been a Director on the APTA Private Practice Board, and is currently serving as the APTA Private Practice President. Mike Horsfield is also a co-founder and current Board Member of Midwest Therapy Network, a collaborative of 100+ clinics throughout the Midwest that assist therapist-owned companies with contracting, credentialing, outcome management, education, and group purchasing.

Board Make-up

Recommendation of an executive to a specific NetWork will be headed by the Peer2Peer NetWorks Facilitator. Applicants will initially be segmented by practice size (> or <$2M annual revenue). This division will help align needs and experience to allow for equal participation and shared interests. Since transparency and trust are crucial to the success of each NetWork, the Facilitator will ensure no competitors are recommended for the same NetWork. 

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We each had an opportunity to share our strengths with a group of well-respected peers. I returned from our meeting looking at marketing and operations from a different perspective, and I can say that it had a major impact on my practice and my thought process. It was invigorating, relationship building, and sparked innovative thought

Dan Rootenberg, PT, DPT, CSCS, SPEAR Physical TherapyNew York, New York

The intimacy of the small group setting offered by APTA Private Practice Peer2Peer NetWorks promotes a trusting environment that cannot be achieved with traditional networking. And it is the trust that allows private practice owners, both new and experienced, large and small, to sit down side by side and effectively work on the issues affecting our industry. Within six months of leaving my first Peer2Peer meeting, I implemented five major practice changes that have influenced my clinic's growth.

Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT, GCS, Action Potential PTGlen Mills, Pennsylvania

I left excited and refreshed with new ideas and a broader understanding of the opportunities that existed to further develop my practice. Finally, I developed trustworthy, genuine relationships with like-minded people that I know will continue to develop and enrich my professional career.

Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, Performance PTProvidence, RI

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wished you could just talk to another practice owner about a problem you're dealing with, or about a new idea for a niche, or even "Should I buy a building?", "When do I hire that next person?", "Do I need an administrator?" We can all agree we didn't get the business education we need to run our practices in PT school. And sometimes we feel like we're running this thing by the seat of our pants!!

APTA Private Practice Peer2Peer NetWorks will bring like-minded Private Practice owners from different markets together in small groups to share best practices and expertise, discuss "hot topics," establish key metric benchmarks, analyze operations, build life-long friendships, and work toward helping each other improve the bottom line. Peer2Peer NetWorks are networking on steroids!!

This program offers Private Practice owners access to invaluable resources to help grow and improve their practices. Participation in a NetWork will benefit practices of all sizes and will be especially valuable to the solo and small practice owners who will now have access to peers who understand and share the challenges that come with ownership.

Each Peer2Peer NetWork will be made up of 5-8 top executives from APTA Private Practice Private Practices.

Membership in a Peer2Peer NetWork is available to APTA Private Practice members who are the top executives in their practice. At this time, only one executive per practice will be enrolled. However, each NetWork may invite others from their practices to meetings as the content of the meeting requires (i.e., invite the COO to a meeting on operations). This person would be considered a guest of that NetWork and is not required to apply for Peer2Peer NetWorks membership.

APTA Private Practice members may complete the application on the APTA Private Practice website. Applications will be collected throughout the year by APTA Private Practice with placement into a NetWork being done quarterly. The annual fee is due at the time of placement.

Applicants will initially be segmented by practice size based on annual revenue. This division will help align needs and experience to allow for equal participation and shared interests. The Facilitator will assign a member to a NetWork within these divisions based on best fit following application review and a phone interview. New applicants may be recommended to join a NetWork looking to expand membership or may be assigned to a new NetWork based on availability. Established NetWorks will have the opportunity to interview recommended candidates prior to final assignment.

APTA Private Practice will facilitate biannual meetings. One meeting will be held just prior/after the APTA Private Practice Annual Conference. The other will be a two day Peer2Peer NetWorks Summit held in the Spring. These meetings will provide participants access to guest speakers, consultants, and networking opportunities with other Peer2Peer NetWorks. In addition to these formal bi-annual meetings, NetWorks are encouraged to continue the conversation throughout the year either virtually or in face-to-face meetings as often as they desire. It is suggested that meetings occur no less than quarterly, but ultimately the frequency and length of meetings will be determined by the groups themselves. Meetings may be held via teleconference or in person, again at each NetWork's discretion.

The APTA Private Practice will manage all aspects of this program and assist the NetWorks in multiple ways to ensure their success and ease of operation. Some of the functions of the section include: ? Administrative support ? Biannual meeting planning and onsite logistics ? Confidential compilation of key metrics and benchmarks ? Provide a Facilitator for the overall management of the program and to assist with NetWork functions

Yes! If you have colleagues with whom you've developed a camaraderie, you may request that you join their NetWork or be assigned together in a new NetWork.

Success depends upon full cooperation and involvement of all members. If for some reason you are uncomfortable in a NetWork or just don't feel like there is a "fit," a change can certainly be made. The Facilitator would manage this process.

No! Trust is essential to the success of the NetWork, as is the willingness for open and candid sharing of information. We screen carefully to ensure that competitors are not in the same NetWork.