PT Business Bootcamp offers new members the opportunity to get acquainted with the section's many offerings and form connections with fellow members.

Networking has long been recognized by members as a key component of membership in the section. The PT Business Bootcamp is designed to organize and facilitate dialogue among small groups of new members and proactively connect you with the section's programs and resources.

If you decide to participate in this free program, you will join a small group made up of your peers and a moderator who will help guide you through the process. Your group will have a standing monthly meeting, each centered around a predetermined theme such as marketing, advocacy, or operations management.

Select your group today. New groups begin in April. Sign-ups for the next groups close April 6.

Groups will meet monthly at a standing time/day. Groups will be scheduled to meet for one year, with a monthly theme and topic discussion.

Each month you'll receive an email with the monthly resources, but if you're looking for something on a specific topic, feel free to peruse the resource calendar at any time

  1. Please turn on your cameras and be an active participant. (No lurking!) If you cannot turn on your camera for a given meeting, introduce yourself so that others know you are on the line. These are not webinars, where information will be provided, but rather connection opportunities!
  2. Bring your questions, your lessons learned, or your good ideas! Each month, APTA Private Practice will send you an email with the monthly theme, and some resources you may want to use. We will use that theme to structure our monthly discussion. While we hope you will engage with these resources, you are not required to have viewed all resources that APTA Private Practice provides. Don't skip your group meeting just because you didn’t view them. (It's not like book club - you don't have to pretend you read the chapter if you didn't.)
  3. Commit to attend monthly for the year and make the most of this experience. Build your connections and go "all-in" with PPS.