Kathy Stenslie, PT, DPT has served in many roles including the PPS Board of Directors and 6 years as president of the Institute of Private Practice PT which managed the Graham Sessions. Most importantly in her 26 years of clinical and management experience, she is a partner and VP of Operations for HPRC, a multi-state physical therapy practice. Her most important roles are mother of 3 children and wife of a fellow PT.

Candidate Statement

My name is Kathy Stenslie, and I am honored to be running for the office of Secretary for APTA Private Practice. I am committed to the challenges of our profession and will listen and create flexible opportunities while remaining steadfastly loyal to meet the demands of our patients and businesses.

It has been a privilege to work with HPRC for the past 16 years in clinical practice and on the executive management level.  This year HPRC celebrates a rich 70-year history of providing PT, OT, and ST service to patients across diverse practice settings in GA, AL, and SC.  These settings include outpatient clinics, hospital contracts, pediatrics, acute care, EMG’s and orthotics/prosthetics management.  We became proud partners with Confluent Health in 2020 allowing us to join forces with a nation-wide network of strong, like-minded private practices who share the same values of patient centered care, clinical expertise and culture.  I was simultaneously given the opportunity to become a business partner/owner supporting HPRC’s plan to lay the groundwork for the next generation of leaders and solidify Confluent Health’s commitment of local leadership/ownership.  

My professional journey has been one of continuous growth and development.  While initially serving as clinic director for a large hospital contract, I dually earned my DPT and completed the executive private practice management program through EIM. I soon transitioned to VP of Operations yet still dedicate two days a week to patient care.  Why? Because I love it, and I am able to maintain a firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the clinic.  Remaining in clinical practice enhances my credibility and enables me to effectively mentor and support our clinic directors and administrative staff.

I joined PPS as a clinic director, encouraged by a mentor who emphasized the importance of involvement and the significance of my voice in shaping the future of private practice.  My leadership journey has been shaped by mentors within our Section, and I'm grateful for their guidance. Over the years I actively served on committees at the state and national levels and was elected to the PPS board of directors as a non-owner.  I am proud to have played a role in steering our Section towards a wider space to include focus on non-owner membership.

Looking ahead, I recognize the evolving landscape and challenges that we face. The issues of reimbursement, workforce hiring and retention, and regulatory burdens remain persistent concerns.  We continue to fight the battles of reimbursement, fair payment for our value and defense for how that value is defined.  I believe it is not only the fight at the level of the payors and the contracts we sign but also boots on the ground education of our future clinicians, in the schools and our practices.  Hiring and retention of our clinical workforce is an issue that changes in shape every few years. Our new generation of therapists have a different view of employment and how that looks.  According to a Definitive Health study, as many as 22,000 PTs left the field as of 2021.  It is no doubt that Covid was a contributor, however, regulatory changes and administrative burdens are increasing factors, and we must be ready to embrace emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, to address these challenges.  Focus on retention of our workforce at the 30,000 foot level is critical.  I commit to keeping these issues at the forefront of our Section and work strategically with you to navigate them.

As a member-driven organization, I pledge to listen to you and collaborate closely with my esteemed colleagues on the APTA Private Practice Board. I most recently served six years as President of the Institute of Private Practice Physical Therapy Board.  The board’s primary role was management and oversight of the Graham Sessions, a pinnacle event sponsored by APTA Private Practice. These Sessions serve as a think tank forum and springboard for innovation, ideas and debate on the most critical issues across our profession.  This along with my other past professional and volunteer experience give me a strategic understanding of the important issues of our profession today.

I ask for your vote and would be privileged to serve you as your next Secretary of the APTA Private Practice.