APTA Private Practice provides marketing and public relations tools for you to implement in your practice. Head to the Resources Library to find innovative ideas for reaching your patients and communities, templates for communicating with local media, educational videos for training you and your staff, and sample content for your website, newsletters, and social media pages. The material in the Resource Library is updated monthly and is a FREE benefit of your membership with APTA Private Practice.

Highlighted below are some of the marketing tools provided by APTA Private Practice.

PT Awareness Calendar

The PT Awareness Calendar is a FREE resource designed to assist members in developing and enhancing their marketing campaigns while raising awareness of various health conditions, both big and small. It serves to remind patients to be proactive and stay on top of their health. Throughout the calendar, members can find idea prompts for blogs and social media pitches.

Explore the PT Awareness Calendar

*Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list. Please feel free to contact info@ppsapta.org with additions or corrections. This is how the calendar can grow and improve!

Monthly Marketing Toolkit

Each month, APTA Private Practice releases a marketing toolkit which is made up of FREE, ready-to-share, professionally written content for marketing your physical therapy practice to your community. Any of this content can be copied and pasted as-is or customized with your own quotes, images, etc. to better suit the needs of your practice and community. Each toolkit includes:

  • Monthly newsletters/blog posts
  • A library of social images for sharing on your clinic's social media pages
  • Press release templates that can be easily copied and pasted or customized with simple edits.

Explore the Monthly Marketing Toolkit in the Resource Library.

To access the Monthly Marketing Toolkit in the Resource Library, start by selecting the 'Monthly Marketing Toolkit' category from the dropdown menu. From there, simply pick the month you're interested in to discover all resources related to that topic. If you're looking for something specific, feel free to use the keyword search function to find resources on any other topic of your choice.

99 Marketing Ideas

This series of video vignettes is crafted to ignite the marketing strategies of physical therapy practices. Gain valuable insights as real physical therapists share their top marketing practices with the industry.

These videos are categorized into five subcategories:

  1. Physician Marketing - Returning Patient
  2. Physician Marketing - Advertising
  3. Direct Marketing - Returning Patient
  4. Direct Marketing - Advertising
  5. Direct Marketing - Location

Discover targeted marketing strategies with the 99 Marketing Ideas available in the Resource Library

Marketing Video Clips

We've curated a collection of professionally shot and edited video clips, available to you for FREE. These clips are designed for PT business owners to repurpose as marketing materials, effectively attracting patients to their clinics. With APTA Private Practice's professional video clips, every member, regardless of clinic size, gains access to an affordable, high-end marketing solution.

Download the Marketing Video clips from the Resource Library

Social Media Shareables

APTA Private Practice offers a comprehensive library of social images exclusively for members to share on their clinic's social media platforms. These images can be easily downloaded or directly shared on Facebook and X.

Discover the wide selection of Social Media Shareables available in the Resource Library 

Online Marketing Education

Explore the APTA Private Practice Learning Center library, covering business management topics such as finance, human resources, marketing, and benchmarking your successes. 

Highlighted below are some of the marketing webinars available in the Learning Center.

Marketing 101 Video Series: a 5-part series dedicated to helping you define your target audience and craft a compelling brand promise that resonates with customers. Learn about marketing best practices, tools for developing a marketing plan, and budgeting.

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Utilizing the APTA Private Practice Video Clips to Elevate Your Private Practice Marketing: This webinar will introduce you to the video clips and how to use them for your clinic. We will also discuss the “why” behind using these videos and how they can increase engagement on your website, clinic, and social media platforms.  The APTA Private Practice professional video clips give every member, regardless of clinic size, access to an affordable high-end marketing solution.

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Marketing Bench Marking: Using Data to Maximize Profits: Why did this patient come to your practice? An accurate answer to this question provides access to valuable data that can be used to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of marketing initiatives. This course will begin with the Why: why it's important to collect the data. Next, we will introduce a categorization system developed to help practices gather useful data, including best practices for gathering this information. Finally, we will provide examples of how this data can drive successful marketing initiatives.

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Browse through the full APTA Private Practice Learning Center Library of Learning Activities. Visit the Learning Center