The Board of Directors collaborates with staff and a legion of volunteer committees to execute the strategic plan and serve APTA Private Practice members.


Mike Horsfield PT, MBA

Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA


Amy Snyder

Amy Snyder,


Stacey Alberts PT, MPT

Stacey Alberts, PT, MPT


Michelle Collie PT, DPT, MS

Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS


Board Directors

Staci Lyons PT

Staci Lyons, PT

Bill Pfister Jr. PT, DPT

Bill Pfister Jr., PT, DPT

Dave Powers PT, DPT, MA, MBA

Dave Powers, PT, DPT, MA, MBA

Rob Worth PT, DPT, MS, ATC/L

Rob Worth, PT, DPT, MS, ATC/L

Kelly Sanders PT, DPT, ATC

Kelly Sanders, PT, DPT, ATC

Staff Directory

Carrie Stankiewicz

Carrie Stankiewicz

Executive Director

Katherine Castillo

Katherine Castillo

Education and Program Manager

Jayla George

Jayla George

Program and Meeting Coordinator

Emily Dever

Emily Dever

Membership Coordinator

Robert Hall

Robert Hall

Senior Payment Consultant

Alpha Lillstrom Cheng

Alpha Lillstrom Cheng

PPS Lobbyist

Stacy McManus

Stacy McManus

Manager of Industry Relations

Kim Koteff

Kim Koteff

Conference Manager

Committee Chairs

The following committees currently serve the section:

Administrators' Network

Brenda Grumley

AC Program Work Group

Robbie Leonard , PT

Awards Committee

Kelly McFarland , PT, DPT

Bylaws Committee

Phil Tygiel , PT

CSM Program Work Group

Audrey Finer , PT, DPT

Education Committee

Thomas Carlton , PT, DPT

Government Affairs Committee

Cristina Faucheux , PT

Impact Editorial Board

Kristen Wilson , PT, DPT

Marketing & PR Committee

Karen Litzy , PT, DPT

Payment Policy Committee

Janet Shelley , PT, DPT

Finance Committee

Michelle Collie , PT, DPT, MS

Nominating Committee (elected)

Carrie Hall , PT, MHS