PPS works to create a strong alignment with companies supporting the business of PT and entrepreneurial physical therapist Section members. To ensure our members stay on top of marketplace trends, new therapies, clinical advancements, tools, and technologies for their practices, patients, and employees, PPS invites you to learn more about the Annual Industry Partner Program and how the benefits of this exclusive initiative can help you gain exposure among thousands of PT practice owners throughout the year across multiple touchpoints, including the PPS Annual Conference.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners weave

Weave is the complete business toolbox for service-based businesses. From the first phone call to the final invoice, Weave provides personalized, relevant, and effective solutions for the entire customer journey. Weave’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions help streamline and simplify business growth, retention and communication.


Industry Partner

Industry Partners OnusOne


Software and strategic support designed to equip your practice to effectively introduce customized employee compensation models. Employees view performance/earnings via a personal log-in page. Choose from preloaded compensation templates, or work with the OnusOne team to design truly customized models that are an ideal fit for your practice culture.


Industry Partner

Industry Partners Hands-On Diagnostics

Private Practice, Physical Therapy Education and Business Solutions

Add Diagnostics (Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, EMG and Nerve Conduction Testing) in your practice with Hands-On Diagnostics. Discover now how Hands-On Diagnostics can help you Double your Profits, get ahead of the competition, enhance the clinical skill of your therapists and help your patients get 62% better clinical management.

Schedule a discovery call to learn how Hands-On Diagnostics has consistently, year after year, exceeded market growth. The exceptional ROI HOD's partners experience can be yours also, the first step is to give us a call +1 (888) 447-6014 or go to www.DiagnosticsforPT.com .


Industry Partner


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