Dr. F Scott Feil is the Owner of Epic Therapy and Wellness (a mobile Physical Therapy Practice) and Creator of PTEducator.com (a Business and Education Consulting Firm) and the Senior Learning and Development Specialist for the University of St Augustine where he also teaches the Business and Admin course. In this position, he is in charge of educating and developing the faculty members of the PT, OT, SLP, PA, NP and nursing programs.

Candidate Statement

Members of the APTA Private Practice Section, I am deeply honored and thankful to be nominated by the PPS Nominating Committee for the role of Director. Over the past three years serving on the Education Committee, I've witnessed firsthand the dedication of our team to enhancing the resources and programming available to members. While our progress has been commendable, I believe there is still significant work ahead for the entire Private Practice Section if we are to propel this section and profession forward.

My contributions to our section extend beyond committee work. I have had the privilege of presenting at key events such as the PPS Annual Conference, APTA's Combined Sections Meeting, and the Educational Leadership Conference. These experiences have allowed me to delve into critical topics like Financial Literacy and the Student Loan Debt Crisis, Podcasting for Profits, and Implementing Multiple Revenue Streams. More than just presenting problems, I am committed to offering actionable solutions that empower our members to thrive in today's volatile healthcare landscape. I have also been a recurring contributor to IMPACT Magazine utilizing my skills as a reformed English major to write about ideas on growing and strengthening your practices.

If elected, I pledge to be a proactive listener, dedicated to amplifying your voices and translating your feedback into tangible outcomes. One of my primary goals will be to optimize our existing wealth of resources by reorganizing and delivering them through diverse multimedia formats, ensuring accessibility and relevance to all members.

Additionally, I aim to foster collaboration between academia, students/new graduates, and private practice owners. As our profession faces challenges like student loan debt and a scarcity of hiring options, I believe it is crucial to educate and equip our future leaders with business acumen and practical insights into private practice dynamics. I envision the PPS as the go-to resource for not only private practice and business owners, but for faculty and students alike, bridging the gap between classroom theory and real-world practice and finances.

Furthermore, I am committed to empowering private practice owners with the knowledge to diversify revenue streams beyond direct patient care. By reducing reliance on clinical income alone, we can build more resilient and sustainable practices.

I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to the APTA PPS Board, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. If these ideas resonate with you, and you share my vision for bold, transformative leadership, I humbly ask for your support and vote in this year's APTA PPS Election for the position of Director.

Together, let's shake things up and bring some new and differing perspectives to the table to help shape the future of our profession and ensure the continued success of the APTA Private Practice Section as well as each and every business and practice we see enter our membership.