Dan Mills, PT, MPT, has practiced for 26 years and opened his practice 22 years ago. He serves in his city as the chair of the Planning Commission. He volunteers for an NGO educating PT’s in 20 countries (so far) and has also assisted in curriculum writing for the World Health Organization (Wheelchair Provision Guidelines-2nd revision). Dan has previously served on the APTA board and the PPS board. 

Candidate Statement

Hello! My name is Dan Mills. I live and treat patients at the base of 6 ski resorts in Salt Lake City, Utah. My volunteer journey started in APTA Private Practice nearly 20 years ago. I am forever indebted to APTA Private Practice for making my business successful, improving the quality of our care, and teaching me how to take amazing care of my employees. After many years of service, my only aspiration is to assist others on their leadership journey in the same way I was nurtured. I have no interest in serving on the APTA Private Practice Board of Directors or the APTA Board of Directors again. It is the season of my life to find others to serve and to pass on what I’ve learned. My experience at the national level for the last 20 years has connected me to PT’s in private practice all over the country, and I’m excited to help cultivate the next generation of leaders! I believe I can bring new faces to APTA Private Practice based on my unique national experience as an APTA board member.

I have served as APTA Private Practice Treasurer for 2 terms and as Vice President for 1 term. I was then elected for the last 6 years to the APTA Board of Directors nationally. I was appointed by the APTA President as the inaugural chair of the Scientific and Practice Affairs Committee, and now serve as the chair of the Prescriptive Authority Task Force (a task force appointed by the APTA Board at the request of the House of Delegates to explore the possibility of PT’s getting authority to prescribe lab tests, imaging, and possibly medications in the future).

I treat patients in a clinic I own as a sole proprietor. I am proud to say (as one of my mentor’s said to me 26 years ago when I got out of school) I can’t believe I get paid to do this! I love this profession and I love APTA Private Practice! Let’s help grow the next generation of leaders for APTA Private Practice and help private practitioners get slated and serve on the APTA board of directors.