Award Nominations

The Private Practice Section, APTA would like to acknowledge those members who have made valuable contributions to physical therapist-owned businesses, their community and to the Section. Awards will be presented at the PPS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Nominate those colleagues who are so deserving of this recognition.

Award recipients will be announced in August of the year, and receive their awards at the PPS Annual Conference at the Opening Awards Presentation and President's Reception

Award Information

Robert G. Dicus


Acknowledges a single member of the Private Practice Section whose contributions to the Section and to APTA like those of Robert G. Dicus have been of exceptional value.


The nominee must be a current PPS member in good standing. PPS employees, members of the 2016 Awards Committee, and the PPS Board of Directors are not eligible.


Lasting contributions in 4 of the following areas:

  1. Professional competence - clinical
  2. Professional expertise - educational
  3. Excellence in Business
  4. Services to the profession and community at large
  5. Participation in APTA or other organizations
  6. Commitment to physical therapistowned business
  7. Participation in public relations or politics

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2018 Dicus Award Video

Friend of Private Practice


Awarded for distinguished contributions of time, energy, or expertise towards promoting the goals of the Section, as well as physical therapist-owned business.

  1. Non-PPS member, individual, group, or corporation

  1. Must demonstrate distinguished contributions of time, energy, or expertise towards promoting the goals of the Section and enhanced benefits to Section members

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Community Impact


Presented to a PPS member who demonstrates the core values of excellence, integrity, social responsibility, altruism and professional duty. They have developed/created a unique and sustainable program that positively impacts their community.

  1. All nominees for the Award must be Private Practice Section members in good standing.
  2. Members excluded from eligibility, during their respective period or terms of service are: Private Practice Section employees (exception: a Section employee who performed the program or services prior to their employment), a member of the Awards Committee responsible for recommending or selecting recipient(s) of the award; and a member of the PPS Board of Directors.
  1. Must be a physical therapist member of the Private Practice Section.
  2. PPS Activity: Has participated and been involved in the Section through attendance, volunteer activities, committee and/or task force appointments and/or other APTA/ PPS activities.
  3. Has provided a service or special program (pro bono or commercial) which promotes Physical Therapy as a first/ frontline service to patients (or the community at large) and has a meaningful impact on the community.
  4. A special program or service that has demonstrated sustainability for a minimum of two years.

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